Sardinia 2013

OK Fokes Its been a while, and i have been neglecting this page for quite a while well I’m back now but I’m comeing back with a difference i hope you like what I come back with.

My husband Michael bought me a present for Christmas of a holiday in Sardinia, we have just returned home and I thought I will share our experience with you.
Early Sunday morning flight from Dublin to Alghero, Sardinia, first thing that I noticed as we came in to land was how green the country was.IMG_1195
There is a ticket machine where you get the tickets for the bus €1 just outside arrivals, this was our first encounter with Italian people on how friendly and helpful they are. Turn right when you come out of the airport and the bus stop is down on the right. We got off the bus at the park last stop. Walked to the marina stopped a man and asked for directions to our hotel, Hotel El Balear ( See seperate Report below ) he started to tell us where it was and then decided to bring us to the top of the road we thought this was very nice of him to go out of his way. We could not check into the hotel till 2 o clock, so we left our bags in the hotel and went and had a look around, and had some breakfast. After we did finely checked in we just chilled out in the hotel, before we went out to dinner, in the nearby town of Alagero.

Next day we did the open top bus, it takes about an hr and a half you can hop on/off at any of the bus stops along the way at a cost of €18 each. You are giving an ear pieces which you plug in to a panel at your seat and you’re giving the history of the Island in whatever language you want. The bus brings you to the Neptune cave but if you get off the bus here you have to wait till the next bus comes which could be about 2 hrs. We stayed on the bus and went back to the city. I thought the price was expensive for what you got.
You just have to love the cobble stone streets of the old town with all the lovely alley ways and the washing hanging out. We took the boat trip to the Neptune cave on the Cliffside of Capo Caccia, It takes 2 an half hrs, cost €15 each, the boat runs twice a day 11am+3pm (March- October) and every hr 9am-5pm (June- September) when you get to the cave it cost €13 each Adult, Child €7. This trip was a great adventure, it is amazing seeing what happens in the cave over 1000 of years The tour guide had little English so if you were not up front it was very hard to hear what was been said. You can also go to the cave by Public bus It takes approx 50 minutes from Alghero at 9.15am and return at 12 noon. Cost €4.50 return. But if you go by Public bus or open top bus you have to go down a set of 660 steps cut into the cliff side. (“Billy Goat Stairs’) I would recommend taking the boat for the adventure.IMG_6450  IMG_6478




Another day we took the train to Sassari, €2.20 single/€3.80 return. We missed the early train so when we got there everywhere was closing for siesta. We walked around for a while had lunch and then took the bus back to Alghero.IMG_6398Two days left

Only two days left of our week in this lovely country. So Friday We set out on another trip this time to the West coast town of Bosa, We took the local bus which runs every day 9.30am Return 16.50pm €4.50/€8.00 return per person. The bus goes through the mountains and around the cost with specktackler views and the lovely colours of the flowers starting to blossom on the mountains in the sun shine, the bus takes about an hour. As you enter the town you can see the Castle up the top of the hill built in the 14th century, and if you turn right when you get off the bus it will bring you to the river with all the different colour houses all the cobble side streets it really looks like a medieval town. I called in to a hotel and asked for a map of the city as we could not find an information centre and yet again the person was very helpful, IMG_6500we headed up to the Castle which was through many cobble lanes up a lot of steps to the top, but it was worth all the pain. Admission €4 each and €1 extra to go up to the tower, the girl offered to be our guide she said she needed to practice her English as she had a big tour coming the next day, There is not much of the Castle left just the ruins and some of the 7 towers, it celebrates its 901 anniversary this year 2013. There is a small church called Regnos Altos and was built by the malaspinia Family around the 14th century which has so much history to it what I was fascinated with was someone years ago plastered over the walls and with resent restoration they found a medieval frescoes on the walls,IMG_6491 there is also a statue of the virgin Mary which is on the alter in the church. From the castle walls you can see all the colourful houses and the River Tempo which is Sardinia’s only navigable river and Boca is the only town along a river, you can also see the church of St. Pietro. After two hrs wandering round the castle we went down the cobble streets, “I don’t know which was harder going up or coming down.”IMG_6498 We found a lovely little square with a fountain and the sun shining so this is where we had lunch. The Marina was about 1 mile from the town but as the time was getting on we hadn’t enough time to go there(Any excuse to go back) we then headed to the bus stop and as we had some time we had a drink outside a little bar till the bus came. Then it was back to Alghero, IMG_6535

souvenir shopping Day
This is our last day so down to the old town to do a bit of souvenir shopping the place is buzzing with a lot of people wandering around the sun is shining what a lovely atmosphere, we walked along the promade to the top of the hill past the Carlos V hotel and watched the fishermen then we went to a park we had found a few days before in the new town not far from our hotel, we stayed a while then headed back to get the last rays of sunshine, and to see the sun set before going to dinner. IMG_1242IMG_6486
Up early Checked out of the hotel, we walked up to the central park to get the 8.30am bus to the airport €1.50 each on the bus as the bus office was closed. I was so sorry to be leaving this lovely country with its lovely people, food and sunshine. But as my husband always says “you have to go back to come back”. We did a lot more things in the week like visiting different churches, trying the different foods and drinks in the lovely restaurants, watching the spectacle sun sets, looking for the market, walking the lido beach sand in our toes and wetting our feet in the sea water, with the sun on our backs, , Temp were 15-20C which is our summer in Ireland (when we get a summer) It must get very hot in summer in Sardinia as we were walking around in sleeveless tops the locals were in coats and scarf’s. We had a really lovely time and  plan on returning  to see the rest of the this lovely country some day.

Hotel El Balear Review


Our room was on the first floor sea view with a balcony and a separate closed in balcony which was great for the windy days. And the sun sets are out of this world. The bed was very big and comfortable the bathroom was well stocked with shampoo and shower gel and towels were changed whenever we left them out, the room was cleaned every day. Breakfast was lovely meats, cheese, breads, cakes, cereal, fruits, fresh juices bottled water, tea, coffee, drinking choc let and a lovely view in which to have your breakfast looking out over the sea front. There is a little court yard in the front of the hotel where you can sit and have a drink or just to chill out. Also out back there are benches in a little garden to just relax, you can rent out bikes in the hotel one hr €3, half day €6, full day €8 and 3 days €20. They also have Internet which I thought was expensive at €3 an hr, and a safe in the office which you can leave your belongings for free. There is a 24hr bar in the hotel and is well stocked up. But the best part was the staff that was so friendly and helpful with a smile and a chat at any time day or night. We had such a lovely time we are planning our return trip.








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I brought my Husband to Poland as a surprise for his 50th birthday present,
another couple of friends came with us,we stayed in the orlowska Town house Apartments which were lovely
first day we got our bearings had a look around the square,had lunch bought some water,Milk, & a few bits & Pisces, had a bit of a nap then back out to see the square at night.
Got up early the next morning had cup of tea milk was not what we thought but yougart not nice first thing in the morning.
any way today we went to Schindler’s factory, we got a taxi, It was not what i expected at all, lots of walking & lots of reading
but i was glad we went at 15zol each entrance fee.
We got a trolley back to wawel castle & on the way the girl driver called Anna told us the history in the surrounding streets like the ghetto
which was very interesting she left us a the bottom of the hill to wawel castle we had a look around here which was realy nice lots of tourist & good atmosphere.
We then had lunch & walked back to our apartments.  Got ready & headed out for the night. To night we decided to go to the Jewish Districts We had dinner in a lovely Restaurant where there was live music we had a lovely evening.  Next day was Sunday So we went to Auschwitz & Birkenau we got a taxi between the 4 of us the guy told us it would be €80=356pln So we thought this sounded ok, we seem to be driving for hrs & as we did not know where we were going we thought it was normal, when we got there he wanted €150=666pln this was our first encounter with being ripped off there was a bit of a row he took the €120=530pln we offered & sped off leaving us stranded, we talked to the kind lady in the office she told us we were at Birkenau & we could use the free shuttle bus to go to Auschwitz, which we did a couple of hrs later,  We went in to the camps where the people lived their sad lives we seen the gas chambers the clothes the shoes  it was a very eerie place i was glad to have seen it & what people did to each other and all for WHAT? this was a very sad trip.   From Auschwitz we got the local bus back to Krakow which cost us only pln4=90c each now i know we were ripped off.
Next day we took another taxi & we went to The Salt mines,Thery are one of the oldest salt mines in Europe 210-440 feet underground passing through Chambers you have to go down
380 steps to level one your legs do be shaking when you get down,  There are many chambers where the miners still work to this very day The last horse to leave the mine was in 2oo2 I was expecting the salt to be white, but it was a gray black colour there is a church down the mines too.  Also there is a lake 235 mtrs underground.  There is a lift that brings you back to the top but it’s a tight squeeze with 9 people per car which takes 30sec to reach the surface.  In 1978 the Salt mines was placed on the original UNESCO list of the world heritage sites. If you go to the Salt mines & want to buy souvenirs Buy them at the salt mines area
as there much cheaper here then in Krakow.  Next day we took a trip along the Wis la river I’m sorry to say I don’t know what was along the river as the tour guide did not speak English so we were a bit lost on this part of our trip. Next day it was just me & hubby & off we went to the bus station for a trip to Zakopane. We were about 2hrs on the bus when we reached the bus station in Zakopane it’s called the winter capital of Poland & I’d                         say its beautiful in winter but here we were in Summer & i thought it was really lovely all the houses were made of wood & boy were they fab, We seen people walking with walking poles so we followed in there direction till we came to the center of town, there were lots of stalls with people selling all there wares, we took the cable car up to the top of Gubalówka mountain which had more stalls & restaurants & outside bars with the drink being very cheap,you were able to walk along at the top we stayed here for a while then got the cable cars back down.We then went for dinner & had a look around bought a few bits & Pisces This place reminded me of a program i used to watch as a child called Danial Boon. All the forks were out singing folklore it was getting late so we made our way back to the bus station for our return to Krakow. It was late when we got back so we had a quite drink with our friends & headed off to bed. Today is our last day in Krakow so we decided to take it easy, Well that was the way it was planed but plans don’t always work, shopping day the hubby’s least favoured thing so off we went.  When you get in to the square there are lodes of streets off the square so it is so easy to get lost particularly if your head in stuck in a shop window so i left the hubby sipping a cold beer & i went shopping & met up with him  later, I bought a few Souvenirs to bring home went back to the apartment got ready to go to dinner the men decided to treat us tonight so first we had pre dinner drinks, then headed to the square for our Surprise, the picture below shows what it is. we were brought around in the horse & cart for an hr seeing the parts of Krakow which we missed out on, we then went for dinner to a lovely restaurant called Miod i Wino, if your ever there you should try out this place yummy, after dinner we had a few quite drinks as tomorrow we have to go home.  Next morning up early & headed to the Airport for our journey home. I really enjoyed our Trip to Krakow Poland, & hope to return some day.

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Niagara here we come.

Up we got checked out of the hotel but left our cases because we will be back in 3 days time.we walked to the bus station & just missed the 11.30 bus next one in an hr so we went to get breakfast subway oh not as nice as home 🙁  after we finished it we went back to the bus station & got the bus to Niagara falls. the journey wasn’t to bad stopped at a few places on the way when we arrived at the bus station in N/F we asked where we had to go to get to our hotel the guy that was driving the bus told us to get back on the bus & he would drop us off nearer to the hotel save us from getting a taxi, thanks Jack.he dropped us in the centre of N/F we only had a little walk to our hotel.we checked in at the front desk & the girl said we were on the 25Th floor as it was our 25Th wedding Anniversary they upgraded us ,the room was absolutely beautiful what a sight to wake up too.It had a big huge window that you could see the whole of the falls from.It had two bed beds,a flat screen telly, fridge,tea, coffee, water, ect ect,The bathroom had a power shower & also a bath just gift.anyway we went to suss out the place & have a look around but first we went in to the hotel bar & ordered 2 pints of Guinness & sang happy birthday to Aurther who’s birthday it is today,well i sang it & Michael try-ed to hide his face,after this we left & went down to look at the falls as night falls,then we went for dinner in Margarita ville lovely place it was packed with people there were people dressed up & doing tricks going round all the tables.we had a lovely dinner here then went next door to a place called coco’s where there was a guy playing live music.We stopped here & had a picture of beer( which is a big jug of beer)got talking to a couple who were from St Catherine’s Ryan & Lisa,They told us all the good places to go & see while in Canada also they told us there was a wine festival on in St. Catherine’s on Saturday,Lisa told me about a little town i could buy a battery for my camera. we had a good night out with these people. we headed back to the hotel & went in to the Residents talking to a guy from portmarnock Ireland he is living in the states for years now, but was on a weekend away with his golf buddies.

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Off on foot again

Woke up and got ready to go visit this lovely city asked at reception about the hop on hop off bus it was working out at 60 euro each for 3 days but as we were only here for  2 days & we wanted to do all our sight seeing to day & shopping tomorrow,that was the plan but plans don’t always work out as you will hear later.  so off we went to do our own thing got the map & headed to the Parliament house to see the monument of the battle of ridgway,after this we headed down university district,on in to little Italy,Through Portugal village,then in to China Town,after that we went to see the CN Tower the tallest tower in the world.  It has started to rain now so visibility was very bad maybe tomorrow.  We went to the Eaton shopping centre to do some shopping my o my every thing is real expensive Jeans $70, Coats $200/$400 not a happy girlie walked for hrs & came back to the hotel buying nothing 🙁  So got ready & went out to dinner in China town this was really yummy,on way back we stopped at a bar called the village idiots & had a couple of drinks here before retiring to bed.

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Last leg Toronto

I be sorry to leave Niagara had a lovely time here,went down to the party again lots of people around this morning didn’t get a table by the window:(  after breakfast went for a walk its raining today but the rainbows are something else,were off to Toronto for the end of our holiday 3 weeks really fly in. got a taxi to the bus station then got the bus to Toronto the traffic was mental 3hrs it took to get here. collected our bags & had to wait for our room.when we did get it  it was not to bad,at least you could move in this room & the view was not that bad eider.we went for something to eat in a place that was recommended by people we met in st Catherine’s Matt & Katie it was an Irish bar called the Ambassador we then walked down a famous street called young street,there are a lot of Irish pubs in Toronto we then went in to poge ná hole had a drink or too in here, long day so we had an early night.

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Wine Wine & more Wine.

Woke up early mick is still asleep so i start catching up on my writing while looking out at the falls,something you could really get used too, anyway went & had Breakfast or should i say went to the party again suppose it stands to you through out the day,today were going to St Catherine’s to the wine festival,but first Mick is bringing me to see what its like in a Casino as I have never been to one,Wahooooooooooo I cant believe it so many slot machines & people playing them last time i seen a slot machine was in bray (holiday town in Ireland)when i was in my teens 🙂 I’m so amazed after i got over the shock of this place we got a taxi to st Catherine’s for the wine festival,there were lots of bands playing around the streets people always stop & ask you where your from when they hear our accent anyway we were told its all happening at the park & boy were they right,lots of tents with food & wine you had to buy tokens 1 token got you 2oz of wine.2tokens=4oz of wine.  9tokens=1btl of wine. 2 tokens got you a plate of food.It was fun trying all the different wines, & then there was different bands playing all day long.It is a real family affair there is a parade in the morning to start off the festival & people meet then for breakfast then they stay out all day watching the bands in the evening they head off to the bars around the town for music & dance every one is in good spirits,we stayed till round about 9ish then got a taxi back to Clifton hill for dinner, this time we went to Casa de Oro.lovely food had a few more drinks down this end of town & then headed back to the hotel sat & watched the falls again this is our last night in Niagara.

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Maid of the Mist.

Got up had breakfast buffet Fruit,Cereal,Eggs of every description,fried potatoes, Muffins,pancakes,juices, tea, coffee, ect thought i was at a birthday party,how do people eat so much in the morning,anyway went to the phone & rang home talked to Karl for a while then we went to buy the camera battery rang the guy in advance & he charged it up for me when we got there he took the dead battery from me & charged that up to while we had a look around the little town the name of it escapes me now but any one that knows Niagara it was 32$ e/ a taxi.we then went back to Maid of the mist if you go to Niagara don’t miss this it was one of the highlights of the holiday absolute fantastic.Got Jennifer her snow globe,had a walk around the falls area,& the back of the falls, bit of a con as you don’t actually go behind the falls,got a taxi to Niagara on the lake taxi man stopped at the flower clock & the smallest church in the world, on the way  but there was a wedding on so we could not see inside or take good photos.when we got to the lakes there was a couple renewing their vowels,had a walk around this lovely quaint town loved all the little shops & the whole feel to this old town.went in to the harp bar met lovely people from all over Canada on there own weekends away also went in to the Angle inn real old English pub nice feel to it had a drink in here as you do then got a taxi back to the hotel to watch the fireworks they were fantastic got lots of photos,went for a walk down to Clifton hill & had some nice dinner down here in an Italian place called momma Mia yummy took more photos & headed back to the hotel we had a very productive day to day so it was off to bed with us.

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2nd Leg of our Journey

Our flight was called so we went to the gate got our flight to Barbados, flight was lovely we were moved up the front of the plane we got Tea Biscuits & juice.had to fill in more forms lovely airport, lots of shops had a drink at the bar after we changed some money then rang home to check all was OK.  just waiting to board for our flight to Toronto,Got on the plane we got to sit on 3 seats which gave us lots of room this flight is 5/half hrs to Toronto flight took off on time,so Toronto here we come……………….The air hostess came along with the trolley of food & drinks went to pay & was told they DONT  take cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you need a Credit card, this I think is a decrease so for our whole 5 & half hrs we had a glass of water each.couldn’t even buy any duty free. This was the First & last  time I will fly with Air Canada. any way got to Toronto filled in more forms went through Customs Changed money in BDC,got a Taxi to our Hotel checked in to the hotel.When we went to our room it was the smallest room ever 1 big bed,writing table , Wardrobe with telly in it & an ironing board no where for you to put your clothes had to put our cases in the bathroom & had to sit on the bed to see the telly.A well its only for 1 night so we got changed & went for a walk & something to eat, just down from the hotel is young street where all the shops & entertainment is we went in to a bar/restaurant called the 3 Brewers they make there own we had some thing to eat & a drink dark & blond beer then went back to the hotel early start in the morning off to Niagara Falls.

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Up Before the Roosters

Today we leave Montserrat boooooo but we have to leave to came back. Winston comes to collect us at 5.30am were even up before the roosters,We got to the Airport,god this is the smallest airport I’ve ever been in.payed our departure tax of  EC $55 filled in more forms then a lady from Montserrat Tourist board asked us to fill in more forms on how we enjoyed our trip,its a bit early in the morning for all this form filling, we then had to go through security  when we got through we met the airport manager we had met the other night in Ziggys.Peter i think is his name,he told us about the restaurant in the airport before we go through security in Antigua then i remembered Martin Healy telling us about it. well im sitting having a Big banana breakfast our next flight to Barbaydos is at 9.50am I was a bit sad leaving the lovely Island of Montserrat but were  on the 2nd leg of our journey were off to Canada.I leave  Montserrat With This.

Restaurants & Bar’s (pubs) we visited while in Montserrat.

JULIES BAR IN SALEM.Right facing the Methodist church,there is a few stools in side & more outside a TV & music system not much else there the  lovely  lady that runs this place is called Julie.she also has a big fan that cools you down.

DESERT STORM IN SALEM.At the bottom of the hill to the Volcano Observatory,this little bar has a TV & music,they also do snacks & love a little chat the guy that runs this bar is called Mija,his mum runs the veg shop next door,where you are sure to see the locals playing Dominoes outside.                                                                                                                  GARY MOORES WIDE AWAKE BAR IN SALEM. Gary’s bar is facing lues cotton shop,this is one of the bigger bars we have been to, at one side he has a little shop with bits & bobs like rice,tins of beans,peas,orange juice, smokes,bug spray,tablets,sweets, ect ect there are 2 TVs & ample room for sitting & dancing.Gary is also the local plumer,& he will also offer you a lift home.                                                                                                                     LIME SPORTS BAR IN BRADES. This bar is a big big bar like a circus tent made from wood if you get my meaning it has 2 big 50″ TVs on each side of the bar,it has high tables & high chairs as well as small tables & chairs,more trendy to the young to Montserrat,Tuesday-Thursday bingo nights.                                                                               CHIT CHAT SNACKETTE IN BRADES. This is a small bar with round table & chairs,they also sell food & drinks,nice little place.                                                                       V’S BAR IN CUDJOE HEAD. This bar has an outside table & chairs where your sure to get a game of Domino’s,a sing song till all hrs in the morning & V even lets you get your own drink from be hind the bar.& her little daughter knows a bit of Irish dancing now.                 JUMPING JACKS BAR IN SALEM.Most of the bars are what you would call huts the ones you would see at a festival but when we walked in to jumping jacks i was amazed he has lats on the walls like wooden floors & lights all around the bar there is a big screen TV & the music is run from a laptop there is lots of different drinks on offer  Danny also does food & Danny always has a story to tell.                                                                                      MISERS BAR IN SALEM. There is a pool table in this place they also do food but it is a very dark bar in side.                                                                                                                         GREEN MONKEY BAR IN LITTLE BAY.This place is run by the couple that run the dive shop & boat trips Troy & Melody & there 2 little cats, you can sit inside or out out side you can watch people having a swim in the water or listen to the waves splashing against the shore.I took this photo outside the green monkey bar in little bay.                                                           VIEW POINT BAR LITTLE BAY.This is a lovely quaint bar & restaurant that does the most loveliest BBQ on a Friday & Sunday.Chicken ,Ribs in a lovely hot BBQ sauce with rice & salad yummmmmmmmmmmmmy yum.George is the guy that runs this place the tables are made of Mahogany in the shape of a tree after it has been cut down if you get my meaning.there is plants hanging every where & bits & bobs hanging from the roof covered in trees & big leaves its like in the rain forest or some place you would read in an adventure book the bathroom has to be seen to be believed i posted a picture in a previous post (jumping jack flash) This place was one of my favoured.                                                                SOCA CUBANA BAR LITTLE BAY. This is a big place not far from the green monkey they do karaoke on a Saturday night raga on a Sunday night & bingo on a Monday night it has the original bar from air studios. lots of room for dancing.                                                      TINA’S RESTAURENT BRADES. Is a little restaurant with round tables inside with table clothes fancy but not over the top.they also do take away food. not far from Angelo’s supermarket.                                                                                                                                         ORIOLE CAFÉ BRADES. This is upstairs next to the tourist board office,there are fancy curtains on the windows that makes this place, they do real Caribbean dishes & lovely they are to. they also have DVDs to rent.                                                                                                   OLVESTON HOUSE OLVESTON. This is a lovely place to go to dinner it is also a small hotel   dinner is served on the veranda, in the hall way there are pictures of the Beatles along the walls.Friday night is pub night why it is called that i have no idea.its a bit fancy to be called a will get offered a lift home from here nice place we had dinner twice here.                                                                                                                                         ZIGGY’S RESTAURENT WOODLANDS. You would only go here on a special occasion,The food is lovely & they have there own wine room its very expensive compared to other places on the Island.                                                                                          

THE ROYAL PALM WOODLANDS. This places was closed while we were here.

BUNKUM BAY BEACH BAR ST PETERS. This place was also closed when we went there. but we did have a look around looks like a nice place.                                                         GOURMET GARDENS OLVESTON. This place was closed also.must have been the time of the year.                                                                                                                                    SOFT FREZZE BRADES. This is a little shop that makes his own ice-cream,he also serves food & drinks nice guy called John only got to go there one day it was closed any other time we passed by.

THE ATTIC BAR & RESTAURENT OLVESTON. This place makes there own juices Guava, Blackberry, Ginger beer, you can have a little nip or a big nip in it if you like,I preferred the big nip my self they also do there own Rotie which is a chicken Currie wrapped in a pastry you can also have beef or veg,yummy.they also do other food & drink to. The Attic is built on stilts,Its only open  Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.lovely places & people that run it are so friendly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We will sure return to Montserrat some day & hopefully go to the places that were closed & revisit all the friends that we made while we were on this trip.   22/9/2010.

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Last Day on Paradise Island.

Our last day on paradise Island was very overcast you could not even see the island of Ratonga but the heat was something else,so we got ready & went to the Attic for an early lunch have a lot of people to say  good bye to today,after lunch we headed up to Susan in Tradewinds to pay her the rest of the money for the villa,this is our last trip up cardiac hill boy did these hills keep us fit, went to say good bye to Julie,had a little good bye drink with her,then went to desert storm said good bye to Mija then headed down to Danny Sweeney had a good bye drink with him, passed by Gary Moore’s but it was closed.Then we went back to the attic where we had arranged to meet fr George to say our good byes to him we ordered take away rotie for our dinner, had a couple more drinks & went back to the villa to just relax by the pool & get the last of the sun.we did the packing by candle light as the lights went out again we had an early night as were getting picked up very early in the morning.

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