Last leg Toronto

I be sorry to leave Niagara had a lovely time here,went down to the party again lots of people around this morning didn’t get a table by the window:(  after breakfast went for a walk its raining today but the rainbows are something else,were off to Toronto for the end of our holiday 3 weeks really fly in. got a taxi to the bus station then got the bus to Toronto the traffic was mental 3hrs it took to get here. collected our bags & had to wait for our room.when we did get it  it was not to bad,at least you could move in this room & the view was not that bad eider.we went for something to eat in a place that was recommended by people we met in st Catherine’s Matt & Katie it was an Irish bar called the Ambassador we then walked down a famous street called young street,there are a lot of Irish pubs in Toronto we then went in to poge ná hole had a drink or too in here, long day so we had an early night.

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