Maid of the Mist.

Got up had breakfast buffet Fruit,Cereal,Eggs of every description,fried potatoes, Muffins,pancakes,juices, tea, coffee, ect thought i was at a birthday party,how do people eat so much in the morning,anyway went to the phone & rang home talked to Karl for a while then we went to buy the camera battery rang the guy in advance & he charged it up for me when we got there he took the dead battery from me & charged that up to while we had a look around the little town the name of it escapes me now but any one that knows Niagara it was 32$ e/ a taxi.we then went back to Maid of the mist if you go to Niagara don’t miss this it was one of the highlights of the holiday absolute fantastic.Got Jennifer her snow globe,had a walk around the falls area,& the back of the falls, bit of a con as you don’t actually go behind the falls,got a taxi to Niagara on the lake taxi man stopped at the flower clock & the smallest church in the world, on the way¬† but there was a wedding on so we could not see inside or take good photos.when we got to the lakes there was a couple renewing their vowels,had a walk around this lovely quaint town loved all the little shops & the whole feel to this old town.went in to the harp bar met lovely people from all over Canada on there own weekends away also went in to the Angle inn real old English pub nice feel to it had a drink in here as you do then got a taxi back to the hotel to watch the fireworks they were fantastic got lots of photos,went for a walk down to Clifton hill & had some nice dinner down here in an Italian place called momma Mia yummy took more photos & headed back to the hotel we had a very productive day to day so it was off to bed with us.

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