Wine Wine & more Wine.

Woke up early mick is still asleep so i start catching up on my writing while looking out at the falls,something you could really get used too, anyway went & had Breakfast or should i say went to the party again suppose it stands to you through out the day,today were going to St Catherine’s to the wine festival,but first Mick is bringing me to see what its like in a Casino as I have never been to one,Wahooooooooooo I cant believe it so many slot machines & people playing them last time i seen a slot machine was in bray (holiday town in Ireland)when i was in my teens 🙂 I’m so amazed after i got over the shock of this place we got a taxi to st Catherine’s for the wine festival,there were lots of bands playing around the streets people always stop & ask you where your from when they hear our accent anyway we were told its all happening at the park & boy were they right,lots of tents with food & wine you had to buy tokens 1 token got you 2oz of wine.2tokens=4oz of wine.  9tokens=1btl of wine. 2 tokens got you a plate of food.It was fun trying all the different wines, & then there was different bands playing all day long.It is a real family affair there is a parade in the morning to start off the festival & people meet then for breakfast then they stay out all day watching the bands in the evening they head off to the bars around the town for music & dance every one is in good spirits,we stayed till round about 9ish then got a taxi back to Clifton hill for dinner, this time we went to Casa de Oro.lovely food had a few more drinks down this end of town & then headed back to the hotel sat & watched the falls again this is our last night in Niagara.

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