Chill out day.

Was woken up at 3am to a very heavy rain storm, thunder  lighting read my book for a bit then went back to sleep up at 8am made some breakfast & sat on the veranda writing my notes its very hot again to day no breeze boooooooooooooo.We had a day at the pool today had to have a rest after all that walking the last 2 days.So just lazed around the pool reading & swimming & basically doing nothing.Maybe I will tell you about the villa NICE DIGGS  was built by Mr Diggs himself in the late 80’s.It is a lovely big Villa, when you walk in the front door there is a big living room with a whole side of glass leading out to the veranda seating for 10 people at a big table, a sofa also in this room is a bar,there is a room off the sitting room which is the master suite,with a big king bed,a his & hers bathroom, also a his/her walk in wardrobe lots of towels & bed linen,off one of the bathrooms there is a door that leads to the pool & also a privet front door on the other side of the sitting room is a kitchen long & narrow with doors that lead to the pool & an out side suit that has 2 beds & bathroom looking out on to the gardens with lovely trees & flowers,there is also a basement with washing machine,iron/iron board,washing sinks,lines,& a bathroom, spear beds out on the veranda you have the pool,with lounge beds table & chairs for breakfast,lovely gardens all round the house.There is a phone & you can ring the USA,/Canada, Internet, & a house keeper,pool keeper.

Well that’s just to give you an idea about the villa,As it started to get late we got ready & rang a guy called Danny Lyons who has a taxi, might as well share our taxi rides with others,anyway Danny brought us to V’s Bar in Cudjoe hill.Its right on the top of the hill nice little bar where V & her husband run with there two children 16 year old girl and a 4 year old girl called  Shanaham (hope the name is spelt right.) a cute little girl,when we got there there was a lot of people around some playing domino’s which they do in most bars,so we sat on a wall out side we got talking to an Irish girl called Aoife from the Arran Islands in the west of Ireland,she was telling me she is writing short  children’s story’s in Irish,she goes to Montserrat so she can write unfortunately i mislaid her phone no, & could not get back to her,(sorry Aoife)a little later people started to leave we found out  that they were gone to play bingo its played in the lime bar & it was worth a good few bob on the night,any way we stayed with V & her family played Domino’s read a story to the little one her 3 bears was not like our 3 bears funny kid,I showed her how to do Irish dancing we all had a song a few more drinks & at some hr Danny came back & brought us home.

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  1. Melody says:

    Christine – So glad you enjoyed your trip here! Martin Healy sent me the link to your Blog. I hope you return for St. Patrick’s Day when Martin is here to play!

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