Up Up and Away.

Well our long awaited holiday has arrived,We are like two kids Christmas morning,up at 3.30am,taxi arrives off to Dublin airport,check in no problems bags checked all the way through to Montserrat.First flight of the day Dublin-London (gatwick) all on time arrive in London 8 bells. Had a look around the duty free to pass the time till our flight to Antigua at 10.40am.Up up and away….watched a few films,had a little nap,8hrs later arrived in Antigua leaving London 9 degrees  arrive Antigua 33 degrees,wahooooooooooo.

We had to wait on the plane for a while because we had to fill in some forms,be prepared forms & more forms we then disembarked the plane & had to Q in line for about 15 minutes to be told we were in the wrong queue,eventually we passed immigration on to another queue filled out more forms then went out of arrivals & reentered in to departures fill in more forms Then through customs this all took about 2hrs,Had to go get a drink after all that,walked around the duty free shops,took some photos & waited on our next flight of the day to Montserrat.When we were clear to go (no problem man) we got on the Win Air plane & all I can say is O.M.G.( Mick Murphy mini bus is bigger)The Pilot had to climb over everyone to get in to his seat,We were sitting up front right behind the pilot  boy o boy was I having a mini heart attack,as we left Antigua the clouds were coming in quick & fast so the pilot was trying to avoid them  round & round them we went ducking & diving till finely we seen the Island of Montserrat Now he had to land this plane on this tiny bit of air strip & boy didn’t he do well not a bother to him.Very scary for me though.

This flight took 20 minutes  off the plane we got more forms to be filled in, out through customs got our cases & were met by Winston our taxi driver.Winston brought us to the local grocery store to buy some water,Milk, Bread Butter,Eggs Cheese,& Coke. ect,We were then brought to our villa its just lovely,I tell you about that later.There is this very loud noise like millions of crickets & birds squcking together when i asked Winston what it was he said it was cricks & mountain frogs he could not hear them because he was so used to them he told us we would get used to them too.He wanted to bring us out to dinner but for us it was bed time.L/T 6.50pm (Time in Dublin 11.50pm)We just flaked out.

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  1. Dave Davis says:

    Mamo! Sounds brilliant! (except the form filling and wrong queues!).

    The plane looks crazy but fun. Never thought I’d see you or Mick in one though!

    Love your writing style, you’re bleedin’ hilarious!
    Can’t wait for future instalments and photos 🙂

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