Last Day on Paradise Island.

Our last day on paradise Island was very overcast you could not even see the island of Ratonga but the heat was something else,so we got ready & went to the Attic for an early lunch have a lot of people to say  good bye to today,after lunch we headed up to Susan in Tradewinds to pay her the rest of the money for the villa,this is our last trip up cardiac hill boy did these hills keep us fit, went to say good bye to Julie,had a little good bye drink with her,then went to desert storm said good bye to Mija then headed down to Danny Sweeney had a good bye drink with him, passed by Gary Moore’s but it was closed.Then we went back to the attic where we had arranged to meet fr George to say our good byes to him we ordered take away rotie for our dinner, had a couple more drinks & went back to the villa to just relax by the pool & get the last of the sun.we did the packing by candle light as the lights went out again we had an early night as were getting picked up very early in the morning.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Awwww Mamo Davis, I LOVE your blog! I hope theres plenty more where it came from. No doubt there will be, you probably have your next little adventure already booked and organised 🙂 Love you xxxx

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