Up Before the Roosters

Today we leave Montserrat boooooo but we have to leave to came back. Winston comes to collect us at 5.30am were even up before the roosters,We got to the Airport,god this is the smallest airport I’ve ever been in.payed our departure tax of  EC $55 filled in more forms then a lady from Montserrat Tourist board asked us to fill in more forms on how we enjoyed our trip,its a bit early in the morning for all this form filling, we then had to go through security  when we got through we met the airport manager we had met the other night in Ziggys.Peter i think is his name,he told us about the restaurant in the airport before we go through security in Antigua then i remembered Martin Healy telling us about it. well im sitting having a Big banana breakfast our next flight to Barbaydos is at 9.50am I was a bit sad leaving the lovely Island of Montserrat but were  on the 2nd leg of our journey were off to Canada.I leave  Montserrat With This.

Restaurants & Bar’s (pubs) we visited while in Montserrat.

JULIES BAR IN SALEM.Right facing the Methodist church,there is a few stools in side & more outside a TV & music system not much else there the  lovely  lady that runs this place is called Julie.she also has a big fan that cools you down.

DESERT STORM IN SALEM.At the bottom of the hill to the Volcano Observatory,this little bar has a TV & music,they also do snacks & love a little chat the guy that runs this bar is called Mija,his mum runs the veg shop next door,where you are sure to see the locals playing Dominoes outside.                                                                                                                  GARY MOORES WIDE AWAKE BAR IN SALEM. Gary’s bar is facing lues cotton shop,this is one of the bigger bars we have been to, at one side he has a little shop with bits & bobs like rice,tins of beans,peas,orange juice, smokes,bug spray,tablets,sweets, ect ect there are 2 TVs & ample room for sitting & dancing.Gary is also the local plumer,& he will also offer you a lift home.                                                                                                                     LIME SPORTS BAR IN BRADES. This bar is a big big bar like a circus tent made from wood if you get my meaning it has 2 big 50″ TVs on each side of the bar,it has high tables & high chairs as well as small tables & chairs,more trendy to the young to Montserrat,Tuesday-Thursday bingo nights.                                                                               CHIT CHAT SNACKETTE IN BRADES. This is a small bar with round table & chairs,they also sell food & drinks,nice little place.                                                                       V’S BAR IN CUDJOE HEAD. This bar has an outside table & chairs where your sure to get a game of Domino’s,a sing song till all hrs in the morning & V even lets you get your own drink from be hind the bar.& her little daughter knows a bit of Irish dancing now.                 JUMPING JACKS BAR IN SALEM.Most of the bars are what you would call huts the ones you would see at a festival but when we walked in to jumping jacks i was amazed he has lats on the walls like wooden floors & lights all around the bar there is a big screen TV & the music is run from a laptop there is lots of different drinks on offer  Danny also does food & Danny always has a story to tell.                                                                                      MISERS BAR IN SALEM. There is a pool table in this place they also do food but it is a very dark bar in side.                                                                                                                         GREEN MONKEY BAR IN LITTLE BAY.This place is run by the couple that run the dive shop & boat trips Troy & Melody & there 2 little cats, you can sit inside or out out side you can watch people having a swim in the water or listen to the waves splashing against the shore.I took this photo outside the green monkey bar in little bay.                                                           VIEW POINT BAR LITTLE BAY.This is a lovely quaint bar & restaurant that does the most loveliest BBQ on a Friday & Sunday.Chicken ,Ribs in a lovely hot BBQ sauce with rice & salad yummmmmmmmmmmmmy yum.George is the guy that runs this place the tables are made of Mahogany in the shape of a tree after it has been cut down if you get my meaning.there is plants hanging every where & bits & bobs hanging from the roof covered in trees & big leaves its like in the rain forest or some place you would read in an adventure book the bathroom has to be seen to be believed i posted a picture in a previous post (jumping jack flash) This place was one of my favoured.                                                                SOCA CUBANA BAR LITTLE BAY. This is a big place not far from the green monkey they do karaoke on a Saturday night raga on a Sunday night & bingo on a Monday night it has the original bar from air studios. lots of room for dancing.                                                      TINA’S RESTAURENT BRADES. Is a little restaurant with round tables inside with table clothes fancy but not over the top.they also do take away food. not far from Angelo’s supermarket.                                                                                                                                         ORIOLE CAFÉ BRADES. This is upstairs next to the tourist board office,there are fancy curtains on the windows that makes this place, they do real Caribbean dishes & lovely they are to. they also have DVDs to rent.                                                                                                   OLVESTON HOUSE OLVESTON. This is a lovely place to go to dinner it is also a small hotel   dinner is served on the veranda, in the hall way there are pictures of the Beatles along the walls.Friday night is pub night why it is called that i have no idea.its a bit fancy to be called a pub.you will get offered a lift home from here nice place we had dinner twice here.                                                                                                                                         ZIGGY’S RESTAURENT WOODLANDS. You would only go here on a special occasion,The food is lovely & they have there own wine room its very expensive compared to other places on the Island.                                                                                          

THE ROYAL PALM WOODLANDS. This places was closed while we were here.

BUNKUM BAY BEACH BAR ST PETERS. This place was also closed when we went there. but we did have a look around looks like a nice place.                                                         GOURMET GARDENS OLVESTON. This place was closed also.must have been the time of the year.                                                                                                                                    SOFT FREZZE BRADES. This is a little shop that makes his own ice-cream,he also serves food & drinks nice guy called John only got to go there one day it was closed any other time we passed by.

THE ATTIC BAR & RESTAURENT OLVESTON. This place makes there own juices Guava, Blackberry, Ginger beer, you can have a little nip or a big nip in it if you like,I preferred the big nip my self they also do there own Rotie which is a chicken Currie wrapped in a pastry you can also have beef or veg,yummy.they also do other food & drink to. The Attic is built on stilts,Its only open  Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.lovely places & people that run it are so friendly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We will sure return to Montserrat some day & hopefully go to the places that were closed & revisit all the friends that we made while we were on this trip.   22/9/2010.

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  1. Agnes says:

    Hi there. Where in Canada do you live? I’m in Ont. I know Montserrat very well.

    • Christine says:

      Im not from Canada im from Ireland we were on a 3 week holiday for our 25th wedding anniversary our first stop was Montserrat.
      Then Toronto then Niagara Falls & back to Toronto. I will be starting my trip report on Toronto next week.& we loved Montserrat as you can see by my blog.

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