I brought my Husband to Poland as a surprise for his 50th birthday present,
another couple of friends came with us,we stayed in the orlowska Town house Apartments which were lovely
first day we got our bearings had a look around the square,had lunch bought some water,Milk, & a few bits & Pisces, had a bit of a nap then back out to see the square at night.
Got up early the next morning had cup of tea milk was not what we thought but yougart not nice first thing in the morning.
any way today we went to Schindler’s factory, we got a taxi, It was not what i expected at all, lots of walking & lots of reading
but i was glad we went at 15zol each entrance fee.
We got a trolley back to wawel castle & on the way the girl driver called Anna told us the history in the surrounding streets like the ghetto
which was very interesting she left us a the bottom of the hill to wawel castle we had a look around here which was realy nice lots of tourist & good atmosphere.
We then had lunch & walked back to our apartments.  Got ready & headed out for the night. To night we decided to go to the Jewish Districts We had dinner in a lovely Restaurant where there was live music we had a lovely evening.  Next day was Sunday So we went to Auschwitz & Birkenau we got a taxi between the 4 of us the guy told us it would be €80=356pln So we thought this sounded ok, we seem to be driving for hrs & as we did not know where we were going we thought it was normal, when we got there he wanted €150=666pln this was our first encounter with being ripped off there was a bit of a row he took the €120=530pln we offered & sped off leaving us stranded, we talked to the kind lady in the office she told us we were at Birkenau & we could use the free shuttle bus to go to Auschwitz, which we did a couple of hrs later,  We went in to the camps where the people lived their sad lives we seen the gas chambers the clothes the shoes  it was a very eerie place i was glad to have seen it & what people did to each other and all for WHAT? this was a very sad trip.   From Auschwitz we got the local bus back to Krakow which cost us only pln4=90c each now i know we were ripped off.
Next day we took another taxi & we went to The Salt mines,Thery are one of the oldest salt mines in Europe 210-440 feet underground passing through Chambers you have to go down
380 steps to level one your legs do be shaking when you get down,  There are many chambers where the miners still work to this very day The last horse to leave the mine was in 2oo2 I was expecting the salt to be white, but it was a gray black colour there is a church down the mines too.  Also there is a lake 235 mtrs underground.  There is a lift that brings you back to the top but it’s a tight squeeze with 9 people per car which takes 30sec to reach the surface.  In 1978 the Salt mines was placed on the original UNESCO list of the world heritage sites. If you go to the Salt mines & want to buy souvenirs Buy them at the salt mines area
as there much cheaper here then in Krakow.  Next day we took a trip along the Wis la river I’m sorry to say I don’t know what was along the river as the tour guide did not speak English so we were a bit lost on this part of our trip. Next day it was just me & hubby & off we went to the bus station for a trip to Zakopane. We were about 2hrs on the bus when we reached the bus station in Zakopane it’s called the winter capital of Poland & I’d                         say its beautiful in winter but here we were in Summer & i thought it was really lovely all the houses were made of wood & boy were they fab, We seen people walking with walking poles so we followed in there direction till we came to the center of town, there were lots of stalls with people selling all there wares, we took the cable car up to the top of Gubalówka mountain which had more stalls & restaurants & outside bars with the drink being very cheap,you were able to walk along at the top we stayed here for a while then got the cable cars back down.We then went for dinner & had a look around bought a few bits & Pisces This place reminded me of a program i used to watch as a child called Danial Boon. All the forks were out singing folklore it was getting late so we made our way back to the bus station for our return to Krakow. It was late when we got back so we had a quite drink with our friends & headed off to bed. Today is our last day in Krakow so we decided to take it easy, Well that was the way it was planed but plans don’t always work, shopping day the hubby’s least favoured thing so off we went.  When you get in to the square there are lodes of streets off the square so it is so easy to get lost particularly if your head in stuck in a shop window so i left the hubby sipping a cold beer & i went shopping & met up with him  later, I bought a few Souvenirs to bring home went back to the apartment got ready to go to dinner the men decided to treat us tonight so first we had pre dinner drinks, then headed to the square for our Surprise, the picture below shows what it is. we were brought around in the horse & cart for an hr seeing the parts of Krakow which we missed out on, we then went for dinner to a lovely restaurant called Miod i Wino, if your ever there you should try out this place yummy, after dinner we had a few quite drinks as tomorrow we have to go home.  Next morning up early & headed to the Airport for our journey home. I really enjoyed our Trip to Krakow Poland, & hope to return some day.

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